Before and After

Pertinent for BSF friends studying Romans 8 this week:

I used to interpret Romans 8:19 as ‘the creation is waiting to see which people are actually God’s children.’ Confession: I am too judgmental and sometimes look at people that way: “they can’t be Christians because of the way they’re acting,” so it will be interesting to see, one day, who the real Christians are!”

Heard a completely different, excellent interpretation by our pastor Dr. Phil Burggraff, “it’s not really ‘who’ – it’s ‘what.’ What Christians are going to eventually be like in Jesus Christ. That meaning fits this passage. Intriguing. All creation is waiting to see our ‘before and after’ and who doesn’t like a good ‘before and after!?’

My grandfather’s Bible, the old King James (which I struggle to understand because of its language), is clear in this actually: “The creature (creation) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

Who are we in Christ today, and what will be like when we are like him (‘glorified’)? Wow!

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