Star Wars




Rotten Tomatoes’ critics on this film: 90% approve/ Audience: 50%.  Big disparity.  What’s going on?  I looked at some ‘audience’ reviews.

You’re wimps!  This is a great film… what’s wrong with you?

  1. Great minds discuss ideas
  2. Average minds discuss events
  3. Small minds discuss people

Complaining reviewers didn’t like some of the events and people, which tells you about them… never mentioned the ideas that the story hangs on:

  1. Hope (the Resistance) will triumph
  2. Evil will not
  3. Leave the past behind…
  4. … and keep fighting

Creative, believable and fascinating characters/acting:

  1. Rey – powered by the Force female but also conflicted… great to watch… she’s the next Jedi so of course the film’s title has a double meaning.  And her ‘parents are nobodies.’  Love that theme because aren’t we all ‘nobodies.’
  2. Kylo – LOVE a villain that is physically normal looking, hallelujah, and also conflicted…  their relationship/dialogue/everything – works!  He should get an Oscar.
  3. Luke – conflicted too! Love it.  Life’s not simple, we’re all struggling with stuff. Don’t like seeing Mark Hamill aged but he’s still a hero and a Jedi.

I ask myself, who is the audience for this film?  Little kids?  Would they understand the inner conflicts of the leads?  Probably not, but nothing inappropriate for them except Snoke might be too vividly disgusting.

Thought provoking,  inspiring heroes (Poe and Finn light up the screen!) and visually exciting.

Look out, I’m feeling like a Jedi Warrior!

A great film changes you.

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