The Shape of Water




Why I loved this movie:

  1. There’s a point, but you have to figure it out.  I wasn’t sure where it was going, and as a person who goes to the movies a lot, I love that.
  2. There’s a bad guy, a terrible, powerful guy, but he cannot overcome love.
  3. The good/‘normal’ characters are looking for something: love. They have friendships, and jobs, but are looking for something more.
  4. Made me think about my search for love/God. Oh yes, this movie is all about God.
  5. Twists of humor like Russian spies.

However, although some have used the word ‘fairy tale’ and/or ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ this is no children’s movie.  There is sex, blood and torture.  Not too much, but enough to prove this is a movie about real life.  Present term:  ‘magical realism.’


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