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Another five hearts! Why: (besides it’s Oscar time)
1. Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam
2. Coherent storytelling. I was expecting some inner artsy
Hollywood navel gazing; it’s not. But, this is an
Operatic story of passion (the suffering of love), hatred
and vengeance.   Opera characters and events are
over the top. The language and violence are
over the top, too.  But here’s a person, a mother,
who cares enough to take a bold action; one that
makes her unpopular.  Made me ask myself, do
I care enough, like her, and take that action I need
to take to show my love?
3.   Love changes one character, and that changes
another… and another, and drives the action!  That’s
great story writing and message!
Frances McDormand wears crappy overalls and her hair is a mess and no makeup (?) and she still comes across with a feminine side… how does she do it?  Because she cares!  I want
to be like that although not quite as violent…


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