The first one was “light entertainment.”  The second one didn’t even have beautiful scenery – this is a movie where at least the scenery should take your breath away… it doesn’t.  These are my own pictures from Greece.  Maybe they were paying so many big name actors they didn’t have enough to film there.  The new songs are unsingable.  The basic story, which I could overlook in one film: that one girl is having sex with three different men so who is the father? – well really, that’s gross.

Meryl Streep does show up – as a ghost? – this is creepy – at the end, at her grandchild’s christening (well at least there is some religious/moral direction).  Having characters come back from the dead to show love has never seemed comforting to me.  They’re ‘back’ … then they leave again?

And don’t get me started on how ridiculous Cher looked/acts….

When one enters the theatre we suspend belief but this film was beyond belief…


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