If you are ready to relax, and have a little nap (I did), you will enjoy “The Old Man and the Gun.”  It was slower and less charming than I was expecting.  Lots of quiet conversations. I never did relate to or understand Redford’s character: his affect throughout seemed mildly cheerful without any change, which made him seem not real to me.  Cissy Spacek’s character was real; Casey Affleck’s was, too.  I liked them.  Always tough, to the point of distracting, (“Oh you look so old, Redford”) I keep thinking.  I should be paying attention to the movie.

The cinematography almost had a sepia/washed out tone – to replicate the 1980’s setting?

It wasn’t bad… although I couldn’t figure out what the point of the whole thing was…just thought it was going to be better.

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