It’s just excellent, all the way around.  Based on a true story; unique characters who make heroic choices but also are not perfect.  The story focuses on the relationship between a concert pianist and his driver – that’s a move story?! – yes it is.  And they improve each other.  That’s a wonderful theme:  people need people. (Barbra Streisand song!)

Duane couldn’t believe one of the leads was the actor who was in “Lord of the Rings,” Viggo Mortenson – he looks like he gained fifty pounds.  The title refers to a green book that contained the names of hotels where ‘colored’ people could stay in the South back in the day.

A movie somewhat about racism could fall into stereotypes, but the writing is so fine the characters remain real people.  Another big theme:  courage and love.  How real people show that.   A serious film containing humor.  That’s life.

Scenery/visuals/settings excellent also.

Worthwhile.  Go.

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