It’s British myth, King Arthur, retold in 2019 with a 12 year old boy.  It’s British humor, with a mesmerizing, quick witted ‘teen’ Merlin stealing the show.  London and Cornwall for settings.  The Four Point Chivalric Code explained for kids, as they ride the ‘coach’ on the M3 on their way to Tintagel. Now that is funny.

Kid actors:  100% believable.  As I watched the four main leads tromp through the marshy Cornwall countryside, following Merlin, I remembered Dr. McClatchey teaching “Arthurian Legend.”  We didn’t visit Tintagel on that Wheaton in England semester… have to go back.  I’ve been to Cornwall, though, and what I saw tonight on the screen is as stunningly beautiful in person.

The movie also taught me that every body of water, even a bathtub, holds a “Lady of the Lake,” with Excalibur, in case I am in need of it.

Great pacing and back and forth between reality and fantasy, which means the writing is excellent.  They creatively presented a great story; one of The Great Stories.

Perfect for families and adults who love England, heroes and a movie with heart.


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