A bike accident that breaks Jack’s two front teeth changes the world.  A world where no one has ever heard of the Beatles.

Danny Boyle, director of “Millions,” another ‘magical realism’ movie, plays with the idea of what real talent is, and makes fun of the industry that tries to sell it.  And, if we really did create something of genius, would anyone even notice?  “Yesterday” is full of the music that reminds us that the music the Beatles created makes our world a far better place.

All set in a love story.  Based in gritty England.  Funny; a highlight for me was Kate McKinnon as an L.A. music agent.  Himesh Patel real and likable as Jack.

Can’t be bothered to read why Rottentomatoes critics only gave it 60%.  The audience liked it 90%.  The audience is right this time.  Oh, and that is me on Abbey Road.


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