Dear Ethan, Addi Scarlett, Sophie and Henry,


Thank you for your Christmas gifts to me this year.  Some you gave without knowing it.  Like being able to make your own lunch!  Thank you.

While we eat lunch you humor me by watching Dick Van Dyke reruns.  Thank you.

Thank you for updating Poppy and I about the latest vocabulary, “W Rizz” (sp?) and “L Rizz” (sp?). Thank you for sharing the newest drink crazy, Boba Tea, even though I wasn’t brave enough to try it.


Poppy and I are also very grateful that you have inherited our love for jigsaw puzzles.

The video games I guess is one of your interests that I don’t have those same feelings for, although I do enjoy watching you play them together.  I’m thankful you enjoy just being together.

I loved Christmas Eve with you.  Your excitement to share the Bible verses you chose to recite to me as my Christmas gift… what joy!  Last year I picked out the verses.  This year I gave you that responsibility.  That was part of the gift.  I was curious to see which verse you would pick out.  Ethan, when you offered to memorize John 11:35. I laughed and said “no.”

Ethan, thank you for the ‘love’ verses (and I realize you quoted four!) from I Corinthians 13:4-7. “Love is patient, love is kind…love endures through every circumstance.”  You know ‘love’ is my favorite word.  Addi Scarlett, thank you for the heartfelt verses from the Psalm 119:24,111 “…Your statutes are my delight…”.  I know you do love God’s words.   Sophie, I loved the way you dramatized the encouragement from Proverbs 3: 5-6, about trusting in the LORD.  God has great things for you along your path.  Henry, last in the Presentation of Verses at our Christmas Eve party (on video thanks to Dayna) recited the powerful Isaiah 9:6-7.  “For unto us a child is given…”  Wow.  Thank you for the hard work you put into your words.  I know memorizing verses is not easy.

Ethan and Addi Scarlett, thank you for the hand crafted remembrances of your Bible verses.  They sit on my bedside table and make me smile every time I look at them.

Sophie, thank you for the mini waffle maker!  You know that Poppy and I love breakfast!

Henry, I love watching your love for Sophie, Ethan and your sister as they unwrapped presents.  Thank you for your enthusiasm for the party!

Thank you all for your gifts.  I’m trying to think of a big enough adjective to describe them, but I can’t.  Maybe you could suggest one?  You help me with so many things now.  Like my iphone.

I’m looking forward to next Christmas.


your little Nana

P. S. I have not received a thank you from you all yet regarding the “Gone With The Wind” book.

P. P. S. Oh, and thank you for all the helping you did with getting tables set up and clearing the dinner table and fetching drinks.

P. P. P. S.   I apologize for not playing video games with you… well… forget that.


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