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Somewhere A Part of My Heart

    My grandmother, Mommom, with a shy smile on her face, stands beside my grandfather, Poppop, confidently holding his Bible. “I thought you were going to tell the story about your grandfather’s book,”  a friend confided, after Share Night, the last session of Bible Study Fellowship’s study of Romans. I intended to.  But writing

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The Proverbs 31 Man

  “How do I know who to marry?”  Mother was often asked, as a teacher of Young Adult Singles at Wooddale Church. The woman of Proverbs 31 provided three distinctive clues for a great wife, according to Mother.  April 30 is Duane’s birthday.  I believe these traits point out a great husband, too, like Duane.

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“…while I AM here, I AM the light of the world.”

Our house is filled with light.  Except our master bedroom, which is like a cave. We’ve lived in the Cross Pointe Drive house for 13 years; a record for us.  I’ve repainted our  bedroom three times, trying to ‘fix’ the darkness problem. “There should be a window there,” I muse as I turn on the

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  “I don’t believe in God,” I announced to my fellow four year old friends and Sunday School teacher, Miss Watson, as we sat around the formica table at Berachah Church one Sunday morning. Miss Watson, young and pretty, jumped.  She stopped passing around the lollipops she brought each week, to keep us quiet while

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Before and After

Pertinent for BSF friends studying Romans 8 this week: I used to interpret Romans 8:19 as ‘the creation is waiting to see which people are actually God’s children.’ Confession: I am too judgmental and sometimes look at people that way: “they can’t be Christians because of the way they’re acting,” so it will be interesting

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