I wanted to post my picture of Mike and Jeff as kids in their superhero costumes for this review, but thought I might get pushback.  So here’s Ethan.  This picture represents one of the many major strengths of this, the best film of the summer:

  1.  The baby Jack Jack is adorable!
  2. The film is visually fabulous, and the great majority of animated films these days just are not this quality.  The details in the drawings show thought and creativity.  I wanted to search out each frame even longer.  Sometimes the drawings were almost real – or were they?
  3. Clever dialogue and story.  Writing A+.  It works for kids as well as adults.
  4. The voices of the characters are melodious. I know that’s subjective, but they add that extra sparkle.

I loved this movie so much I was happy to go back and see it again.  Even if you don’t have grandkids to take: go!


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